Privacy Architecture

Sanctum is fundamentally designed with privacy at its core, ensuring that every interaction and data point remains secure and private on your device.

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v1.5.1 | MacOS 12+


Sanctum Vault offers an encrypted, local storage solution that holds all your data, including chat history and caches.

By using the AES-256 encryption standard—selected by the U.S. government for protecting classified information—we make sure your data is accessible only to you.

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Stronghold (AES-256 encryption)
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Sanctum Vault
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Local Storage and Encrypted Data Management

Unlike conventional platforms that store user data on central servers, Sanctum's unique architecture stores everything locally on your device. This not only shields your data from external threats but also eliminates the possibility of your data being accessed or shared without your explicit consent. Even in situations where Sanctum could be legally compelled to release data, our zero-access policy means we simply do not have the ability to access or surrender your data.


Account Setup and User Privacy

Creating an account with Sanctum requires just a username and password, with no need for personal information like emails or phone numbers. This minimalistic approach is designed to bolster your anonymity while enabling the powerful encryption that keeps your data safe. If you ever decide to manage or erase your data, Sanctum provides straightforward tools within the app settings for complete data control, ensuring you retain full sovereignty over your information.


Enhancing Experience While Protecting Privacy

We are committed to continuously improving Sanctum without compromising on privacy. Through our integration with PostHog, a globally trusted, open-source analytics platform, we offer you the flexibility to decide how much, if any, data you wish to share. Options range from "Don’t share a single byte", ensuring complete privacy, to "Share anonymous usage", which helps improve Sanctum while still safeguarding your information.


Our Commitment to Uncompromised Privacy

At Sanctum, we don’t just incorporate privacy into our features; we build it into the foundation of everything we do. Our philosophy ensures that the only truly secure data is the data that never leaves your personal device. By prioritizing local storage and robust encryption, we maintain an unwavering commitment to protecting your information, demonstrating that user privacy isn’t just a policy—it's our mission.

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Mobile version coming soon!
v1.5.1 | MacOS 12+